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suum cuique

to each his own









read the books


re-read the books


and read the books again


with the intelligence of your heart


the eyes of your inner race wide open


let all go


and listen to the master


he knows you


and you know


he is true


and he shows


the way to the fire









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   Tradition's Foundation - Divine Kingship & Initiation

   the Path of the Other & the Path of the Absolute Individual

  Black, White & Red - the Regal, Active & Virile Path of Tradition

   more Revolutionary than Ideological & Political 'Ordine Nuovo' Youths 
   with Bourgeois Everyday Life

   Will Need Qualified Men when Times of Pure Destruction Come

   through Rectifying, Political Action

   “Reflect in Yourself & Recognize your own Face as it was Before the World”

   towards Higher Order of True Traditional Spirituality

   & the Necessity of a Shiva Nature to fully go the Left-Hand Path

   The Aristocratic "Olympian" Master of Motion 
   Has Ascetic Values - Is Ready for Active Sacrifice

   Now Rootless State of Cosmopolitanism & Speed 
   can be Integrated Part of a Liberated Life

   & the Invisible Unity of Those Who are for the Same Cause

   Self-Realization, Action & Magic

   & Sacrality of War as Highest Tradition

   & Laws of Manu (which are for Aryans as Talmud for Hebrews) 
   Confirm War's Re-Galvanizing Effect for Race of the Spirit

   against Sacerdotal Caste born of Decadence
   & Guénon Not Seeing "According to Truth"

   Lay Followers who took Refuge in the Doctrine & the Order
   United by Strict yet Free Style of Life

   as Man's Influence on Invisible Forces

   however Meaningless to Discuss Today

   Bhagavad-Gita's Aryan Sense of Heroic-Spiritual Reality Unmatched Elsewhere 
   & Contains Precious Hyperborean Material

   and the Magic, “Solar” Path

   Today only Ignorant Conformists Follow Exoteric Norms 
   or Going Beyond René Guénon

   Positive Realism to Affirm Absolute Realities 
   as Alternative for Future Post-Bourgeois Art Empty Spiritual Space

   & the Secularization and Deconsecration of the World of Action & Virility

   & René Guénon's Two Misunderstandings

   & Cherishing a Life of Light, Freedom & Power

   as a Challenge that Demands the Right Response

   mere Facts without Meaning, Finality or Intention

   & Direct - Clear - Loyal Relations 
   Based on Fidelity & Honor

   vs. Activism, Terrorist or Clandestine Actions and Agitators or Politicos

   can be Retained of his Views

   could have been Dispensed with Altogether

   One 'Personal' and One Transcendent

   & the Power of Occult Forces over 'Backward', 'Primitive' People 
   or Going Beyond René Guénon

   or Self-Transcendence by Ascent vs. Self-Transcendence by Descent

   or the Antiliberal, Antidemocratic, and Organic State vs. ‘Cold Monster’

   but also Containing some Hyperborean Features

   Source of Force & Indomitability Not to be Underestimated

   Influenced by an Unacceptable Un-Aryan Vision of Life

   the Contemporary Decline of the World of the Bourgeoisie

   but Conduct of Autonomous Character and Immanent, Individual Value

   beyond Inherent Duty towards Race & Fatherland

    an Inheritance of the Persian Tradition)

   Only Work to Reveal the Buddha's True Teachings

   based on the Glorification of Immanence, of Life & Nature

   Self-Realization through Inner Drive towards Transcendence 
   & Allowing its Results in Everyday Life

   & the Sole Remaining Possibility of Transcendence 
   through the Risky Left Hand Path of Destruction

   & Limit & Form are a Kind of Reflection of the Absolute

   or Dominating Elites of an Organic & Qualitative Civilization

   Speculations - if anything - can Provide No More than an Initial Starting Point

   & his Secret Aristocratic Inner Disciplines for Today's Aryan Man 
   vs. Foreign Devotional Ascesis

   vs. Liberalism - Individualism & the 'Immortal Principle' of Equality

   & Pseudo-Antithesis between Capitalism & Marxism

   Political Freemasonry & Secular Judaism 
   are Merely Tools Subordinate to Vaster Influences

   & Attempt New & Valid Syntheses
   (beyond Guénon's One-Sided & Incomplete View of Hindu Tradition)

   but Equals Asceticism & Initiation for Heroic Type 
   as Ancient Greeks, Romans, Irano-Aryans, Frederick I, 
   Edda & Indo-Aryans Confirm

   & Lao Tsu's Ultimately Aristocratic Notion of Non-Action

   while Bourgeois World's Patriotic & Family Ideals Dissolve 
   but Collapse of Sex Taboos a Positive Occurrence








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Transcendental and Terrestrial Views
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